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Why Qlik Sense Data Architect Might Be the Right Career for You?

Qlik Sense Data Architect certification is one of those tests many of us want to have, but few know how to pass the test successfully. It would be best if you had the knowledge and many years of experience under your belt to pass this test with flying colors.

Qlik has done a fabulous job specifying domain areas you need to know about to pass the test. However, most Qlik developers think it daunting to get certified since many data modeling ideas and data model challenges need relentless dedication and focus to ace this test.

A Qlik Sense Data Architect is an information technology (IT) specialist who designs and maintains data systems, sets policies for storing and locating data, coordinates multiple data sources within an organization, and integrates new data technologies into existing IT infrastructures. Data architects may liaise within the IT side of an organization and other departments, aligning data collection and distribution policies with the organization’s operational and essential objectives.

Give a Lift to Your Career with Qlik Sense Data Architect (QSDA2019) Certification

The Role of a Qlik Sense Data Architect

  • They also typically operate with data team members, including data engineers, data miners, data scientists, and analysts in data collection, storage, security, and data systems access.
  • To get the role of a Qlik Sense Data Architect, it is helpful to look at the two other prominent positions within data management and business analysis and see how they are separated from each other.
  • Those professional data roles are the data scientist and data engineer.
  • The data engineer has a background in software engineering and works with big data in data lakes, cloud platforms, and data repositories in the cloud. Data engineering builds and manages data frameworks.
  • The data scientist has a background in statistics. Their job involves cleaning and analyzing data, answering questions, and providing metrics to solve business problems.
  • The Data Architect explains both software engineering and statistics. Their job is to conceptualize and visualize data frameworks and guide the handling of disparate data sources from various databases.

A Qlik Sense Data Architect can act as a consultant during the requirements group stage and slip into the builder’s role when creating the original database, data streams, or visualizations themselves. During the consulting phase, a data architect can also assist in establishing pathways into the expected future growth of data and its final transformation over time as new elements, features, and discoveries come to light.

The Fluidity of Being a Qlik Sense Data Architect

There is more to being a Qlik Sense Data Architect than just data. Cross-sectional and soft cross-organizational skills are also expected to be effective and efficient data architects. In addition to this, technical skills can vary from having a solid background in applied math and statistics, data visualization, data migration, relational database management systems, other kinds of databases like NoSQL, machine learning, and understanding of data mining and modeling tools such as Erwin, Enterprise Architect, and Visio.

Most data architects start as developers; therefore, they often have a good background in programming languages like Python, Java, the C-language families, and Pearl. As developers, exposure to UNIX systems can also familiarize and build knowledge points for the Data Architect further down the road.

Knowing your industry, trends, and best practices can help a Qlik Sense Data Architect predict the form of data and how users can potentially consume it, developers, and various stakeholders.

Data Architect provides skills needed to build a data model. This offers detailed step-by-step instructions by an instructor and will get hands-on challenges to begin an enterprise. With this, you will develop and debug scripts, create data combinations.

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To Sum-up

A Qlik Sense Data Architect must ensure data structures comply with all local, state, federal, and industry standards and regulations. This gives the best data architecture practices required by the data governance committee. They also streamline data flows and models while improving consistency, quality, accessibility, and security. Qlik Sense Data Architects study the databases and their integration and constantly look for methods to remove additional costs and optimize database activity across its objectives.