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Career Goals: Becoming a Qlik Sense System Administrator

System admins are highly in demand in 2022, and many junior developers and engineering students are concentrating their Qlik Sense System Administrator career path on it. If you are interested, here is a complete guide you can use to build your career.

If you are an aspiring Qlik Sense System Administrator wondering what certification path to take, this article will come in handy.

How to Become a Qlik Sense System Administrator?

To be a successful Qlik Sense System Administrator, you will require to note what degree and skills are relevant to this job:

Earning a Degree:

  • Although many critics believe that project higher education in IT is outdated, their opinion is truly not correct. Most employers are curious about Qlik Sense System Administrators with a bachelor’s degree in computer-related major.
  • In addition, settling down a four-year degree program will enable you to develop the basics like other database and systems analysis, programming languages, system design, and many other relevant courses required in this industry.
  • Undergraduate courses help a person make a solid professional network. Also, you become attractive to many employees when you graduate.

Post-degree Certifications and How to Get Them:

After your bachelor’s, a post-degree gives you advanced skills. Certification courses, in particular, allow you to master and advance your skills and will enable you to demonstrate your skills on your CV. When hiring, employers highly value them.

Paths to Advance Your Qlik Sense System Administrator Career

Once you become a Qlik Sense System Administrator, as we said already, continuous learning is essential for you to progress. Other than that, there are different proven methods you can advance your Qlik Sense System Administrator career:

01. Keep Learning about System Administration

As you plan to advance your administrator’s career, you should do whatever you can to keep your skills current while building new knowledge. That will help improve your marketability and position you for more career opportunities.

Best Strategies to Prepare Qlik Sense System Administrator (QSSA2019) Certification Exam

02. Earn More Certifications

You should earn as many certifications as you can. Generally speaking, credentials and experience are usually more critical than a degree in IT.

03. Develop Strong Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skill is one of the critical assets for a system admin role as it entails working with different departments and interacting with staff from all levels. These should include:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Time management
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Keeping calm under pressure

04. Seek Out a Mentor in Your Specialisation

Seeking out mentorship is one of the successful methods that can help in career development and advancement. Good mentors can help you stay on track and concentrate on your career advancement through advice, building your network, skills development, etc.

Going Beyond Qlik Sense System Administrator Roles

Like with all careers, Qlik Sense System Administrators feel challenged by stunted career growth at one point in their career life. As a veteran administrator who desires to continue working in a technical role but wants a higher and more paying position than a system admin, where can you go next?

The good thing is that there are several paths you can take and transition to a more better-paid and challenging role. Such positions include system architect, IT consultant, and cyber security roles. To transition to such functions, you will have to acquire the specific skills for the job and earn certifications.

The demand for Qlik Sense System Administrators has been growing in recent years. As more and more companies adopt and invest in new technology, there has been an overreliance on the internet, a situation that has exposed companies to cybercrime.

Are System Administrators Paid Well in the IT Industry?

System admins depend on skills, experience, and education in many tech roles. The data indicate that the salary changes with these professionals’ understanding. According to data, the median salary for a system administrator in the US is $76,080.

Over 78.2% of system administrator roles ask for a minimum bachelor’s degree. After employers examine your application, they care about skills as much as your degree.

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Final Thoughts

An Admin functions as a bridge between the business and the Qlik platform. Certification makes you a desirable hire and valuable to your company. Becoming a Qlik Sense System Administrator is a challenge, but it is possible with hard work. Review all the resource options and create a Qlik Sense System Administrator study guide.

Look at everything the exam covers and decide where to spend your time. Make sure to use the Qlik help and other Qlik experts’ advice.